I'm experimenting

Trying to see if I can upload video. If this one works, it's from our trip to the park on 4/4 after our church's Easter Egg Hunt (thus the face paint on John). It's pretty hilarious to see John get bowled over! :)


Last picture post!

Our highlight from the zoo today....Alaskan Brown Bear Cubs (yes, cubs, as in babies -- about 2 more years until they're full grown, we were told.) This is Brutus and his brother, Buckeye, 5 years old, over 8 feet tall, and 950 pounds! YIKES! They were so fascinating though! Nathan was at the helm of the camera and snapped over 50 pictures just of the bears. I think he did a really great job, though!

Picture post #10

Timothy was just too adorable at the zoo today....he gets his own post
On the carousel!

Picture post #9

Zoo day today with Mrs. Candace, "Grandma" Sue, Austin, and Justin
Aren't the babies sooooo adorable?!?!
All the kiddos together (except Justin, Timothy, and Lydia)
Guess this will be Nathan's last summer at the playground :(
Lydia's first train ride!

Picture post #8

Last from park day....Elizabeth
Such a silly girl who loves to pose for the camera!

Picture post #7

Park day, post 2....the boys

Picture post #6

3 posts from our picnic to the park last Thursday evening....

(That's those silly Bakugan toys attached to the whatever-it's-called)

Picture post #5

Pretty flowers

Picture post #4

Timothy's funny faces!

Picture post #3

CrAzY KiDs!!!

Picture post #2

Let's call this post "Movies and Mud!".

Movie night a few weeks ago....

Timothy enjoyed the popcorn

Elizabeth found a great place to watch (yes, those are her Daddy's legs)
Caleb's crazy face

And now for the mud....

How our children came in the other day from playing outside

Their backs

Elizabeth loves the camera!
Stay tuned! More to come! Right now, I have to break for dinner.

Hang on to your girdle, Myrtle!

(I've always wanted to say that! Ha!) TONS of Stevens family pictures coming your way! Maybe like 10 posts?!?! It was WAY past time to download off the camera!

First up -- Lydia is 8 weeks old today!!! Here she is!