Test results

There was a lot of drama surrounding my appointment on Tuesday. First of all, I was scheduled to go last Friday, to the preterm labor clinic. Well, the preterm labor clinic called last week and said it was too early to be concerned about preterm labor or any of the treatments/tests they do to monitor so they wanted me to see the diabetic clinic in the meantime. Fine, no problem, right? Well, the diabetic clinic called last Friday, almost in a rant, about how they currently were full to capacity and that if I hadn't been diagnosed either with Type 2 Diabetes or Gestational Diabetes, then they weren't going to see me. After a long discussion, they stuck me in with the "regular" pregnant women on Tuesday but decided I should have a blood draw called Hemoglobin A1C. This test, in case you didn't know, gives an average, so to speak, of what your blood sugar levels have been over the past 3 months. Your results come in a number -- anything under 7 is considered good; under 6 is ideal; over 8 and you're in trouble. While it wouldn't in and of itself say for sure that I have T2D, it would give us a good idea what we're up against. That was Tuesday so I called this morning to get my results and I'm in shock -- my A1C level was 5.5!!!!! Almost with certainty they can say I don't have T2Diabetes! That's the good news. The bad news is I'll have to drink that yucky glucola stuff at my next appointment. I can't imagine having had GD with my last 4 pregnancies that I won't have it this time. Which means I'll fail that test at my next appointment (a 1 hour test) and will have to have the wonderful 3 hour test. You have to go fasting and they'll draw blood once; drink more of that yucky stuff and then they poke you again every hour, on the hour, for the next 3 hours. Fun, fun, fun....

The only other thing they did on Tuesday was find the heartbeat. :) 10/17 is my next appointment and I will see the preterm labor clinic. We've already decided to do whatever they suggest regarding monitoring for signs of preterm labor (which usually means wonderful ultrasounds every 2 weeks to measure the cervix), which I did with Timothy. More fun let me tell you! However, one thing we didn't do with Timothy was the progesterone therapy. It's a weekly shot of progesterone, the hormone the body naturally produces that keeps you pregnant. Studies are starting to show that women with a history of preterm labor can prolong their pregnancies with the additional progesterone. I frankly just didn't want for Jonathan to have to give me a shot once a week (since the shot has to go into a place where I can't reach o my own) or go through the approval process to get insurance to pay for it. Since Timothy came early, too, we'll do it this time, if they suggest it. Hopefully Jonathan doesn't have any frustrations with me....(just kidding! He could never hurt me on purpose!) :)


Timothy check-up

Made one post already....don't miss it below.

Timothy's 9 month check-up was yesterday. Long story short, pediatrician very pleased; weight is 22 pounds, height is 28 inches; iron count normal. Doesn't need to be seen again until 1 year.

My appointment for last Friday was moved to this afternoon. Doubt I'll have anythng to report but I'll let you know.

Netflix, anyone?

I have like 2 mili-seconds before we start school so I thought I'd let everyone know that we have 4 offers for a one month free trial for Netflix. Netflix is the company where you rent DVD's by mail. Their cheapest plan is around $5/month but you only get 1 video/month. The next plan, which we originally started out on, was 1 DVD out at a time but we could get an unlimited amount each month. Now we're on the 2 DVD's at a time, still unlimited as to how many we get each month. There's also a way to view movies on-line -- our plan includes unlimited on-line viewing, as do most of their plans, although the cheapest plan has a limited number of hours. Our cost after Ohio tax is a little over $14/month. It was $9 something before for the 1 out at a time plan. So, these offers are for 1 free month (you only get a free 2-week trial if you go directly to the website and sign up). We'll give them to anyne who'd like to have them, first come, first served. Email (sing2praisehim@hotmail.com) or call if you know the number. Will be happy to mail the cards, they're only about the size of a credit card.


Quick update

We're here! After a very full vacation, we returned home last Saturday night around 10:30. Popped the kiddos in bed with the idea that if they woke up in time for Sunday School, we'd get them dressed and go. If they didn't, we'd get them up and ready for preaching service. They woke up at 7:45 which didn't really give us very much time but we made it to SS anyway. Had some Wendy's after church and then hurried home to unload the rental van. Imagine enough luggage for 5 people for a week, 2 people for over 3 weeks, all the beach junk for 6 of us (Timothy stayed with Mom and Dad), food, a few souvenirs, etc, etc, etc. We dumped all of it on our kitchen table and floor and dropped into bed around 3 Sunday afternoon hoping to get enough of a nap before we had to take the rental van back before church. You know what happened next....Ike! Our power went out at 5 on Sunday just before we headed out the door. Had to make an emergency dash to the Bauer home at 10:30 to drop off all our cold and frozen foods. We spent most of Monday and Tuesday with the Bauer family -- many thanks to them -- and yesterday with Jonathan's parents. Thankfully, though, we arrived home last night to power that had come on somewhere around 6 p.m. We still have no cable and we just got our food back and the house is still a mess. Oh, and did I mention we were supposed to be doing SCHOOL sometime during all of this?!?! How are you supposed to do an on-line school with no power, no computer, no books (that's another story in and of itself, not related to the storm)? We were just really going to get into it today and that just didn't happen. Nathan did an hour of science (he still has no books) and Caleb did a short history and math lesson. Midway through phonics, I lost it. John and Elizabeth were knock-down-drag-out fighting with each other, John was screaming as if an axe murderer were following him, Nathan wanted this and that, and I slammed the books shut, put John and Elizabeth to bed, and left Nathan and Caleb to watch videos while I then proceeded to bury my head in a pillow. I seriously don't think I can do this....

Feeling very overwhelmed at all I have to do (school and house cleaning being the top of my list as we're supposed to host appetizers for a progressive dinner on Saturday). Will update on vacation later (much later, at the rate I'm going....).



If you think that title is because we're leaving for South Carolina in a matter of hours, then you're only partly right. We're getting ready. In the clean-up-the-house-so-we-don't-come-home-to-a-dirty-house phase right now. We leave to pick up our rental van at 8 and then bring it back here to pack it up. We have to stop at the bank at 9 when they open, grab some breakfast, and then we're on the road. Honestly, I'm not looking forward to today at all. This will be the only time we've driven all the way to Mom and Dad's during the day time. Since it's a 10-hour drive even for my Mom and Dad who stop very few times, we prefer to travel at night so the kids sleep. With potty breaks, get-out-and-stretch-your-leg breaks, run off 3-year-old and 4-year-old energy breaks, and stopping for lunch and dinner, we're anticipating at 12+ hour trip. As my brother says, that just hoovers! (Think vacuum if you missed that.) I'm anticipating the worst but hoping for the best.

So, on to why you're only partly right concerning the title of this post. We have the most fantastic news (and it has absolutely, positively, nothing to do with having babies!). :) Nathan and Caleb, as you know, have been in SC with Mom and Dad for a few weeks now. I had noticed a few things before he left but Mom and Dad really noticed how Nathan was really consumed this trip with the Bible. He wanted them to buy him a Bible (even though he already has one, he took only a New Testament with him on the trip), he wanted to study the Bible with his Papaw the preacher, etc, etc, etc. Well, yesterday, Nathan slipped a note to his Mamaw during church service telling her he wanted to be saved! And he went forward during the invitation all by himself! He was pretty excited to tell us that he had prayed to ask Jesus to come into his heart! He's even already gotten on me about how we're going to have to work something out so he can have "absolute quiet", as he puts it, (in this house?) so he can study his Bible once he gets back home. He even told me last night that "the Bible says to read it day and night" so he was thinking he'd study during nap time and before bed so he'd get in a daytime and nighttime study. Isn't that so cool?!?!? (Swallowing the lump in my throat....)

Ya'll have a good week and we'll post what we hope is some beautiful pics of the ocean when we get back! We're due to spend the night at Myrtle on Wednesday night but they are calling for isolated t-storms both Wednesday and Thursday. Thank goodness for indoor pools! That's all my kids really care about anyway. Friday, we'll pack up and head to Bristol, TN to see my extended family (aunts and Mamaw) and my best friend during my growing up years who is expecting her first baby in October. Spend the night with Nannie, my aunt, then get up early Saturday morning to head to Knoxville, a 2-hour drive, to go see my brother and attend his daughter's 5th birthday party. Oh, yeah, and then there's the get-together with 1 or 2 of my 3 college roommates and then, sometime on Saturday afternoon, we're supposed to head home. It's exhausting just thinking about it! Please pray for traveling mercies but specifically that Nathan & Caleb won't feel the separation from Mamaw and Papaw too bad. The past few times, both boys have cried for hours (and Caleb's not a quiet crier like Nathan is although Nathan tends to cry so hard he starts having trouble catching his breath). You should pray for my Mom and Dad, too, as each time we leave, it tends to get harder and harder on them, too.


Newspaper articles

I'm not usually a read-the-newspaper kinda gal. We get the weekend papers but mostly for the ads and coupons. But, I've read a few very interesting articles this week.

For instance, this article caught my eye on Sunday. The headline read "South Carolina website asks Ohioans to go home". Interesting, I thought, since my parents live in SC and we're headed there next week. You can read the full article here: http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/travel/stories/2008/08/31/STEP31.ART_ART_08-31-08_F1_56B4S3V.html?sid=101 But here's the main idea-- while it's mostly meant as a joke, GoBackToOhio.com claims that Ohioans are taking over SC, crowding their beaches, staying longer than they're welcome, and basically that SC'ians want us to go home. I laughed pretty hard at this one. Well, SC, never you mind -- this Ohio family will only be there a week! :)

Then there was also this article on Sunday with the headline "Limit Births to Save Earth". Full article here: http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/insight/stories/2008/08/31/ENV-CLIMATECHANGE-CHILDREN_T.ART_ART_08-31-08_G3_MFB638V.html?sid=101 The main idea is that one way to "cut your carbon footprint", according to the British Medical Journal is by having fewer children. This coming from a nation who's birth rate is 1.9 children on average, not enough to "sustain a stable population"! Give me a break, people. Birth rates are down in every nation, every country around the world.

One last one was in Monday's newspaper. This is just downright scary, folks. The things churches will do these days to get people in their doors....Want to go to Porn Sunday? Nope, that's not a typo. There's a church in Tucson, Arizona -- a NEW Southern Baptist church plant -- who's having Porn Sunday this weekend, complete with a wet t-shirt contest (although it will be men, according to the article). Full article here: http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/national_world/stories/2008/09/01/baptist_sex_0901.ART_ART_09-01-08_A2_99B6QKM.html?sid=101 The church the article mainly focuses on (not the church having Porn Sunday) sent out mailers inviting people to drop by PureSexTucson.com. On the front of these postcards -- "a photo of four feet peeking out from under bedcovers in a suggestive pose". The "pastor" who created this website says he wants people to know that God wants them to have good sex. Okay, I can agree with that. It is a gift from God, is it not? I could really go on about this one but I won't.

And there you go -- not just one but 3 "links of the week". Perhaps that will make up for the many Wednesdays we've missed?!?



I don't know if I believe in 'patterns' where having children is concerned but here's a few that we've experienced:

1 -- Boy or Girl? So far, our pattern is boy, boy, girl, boy, boy.

2 -- Weight? We've had 2 seven-pounders (Nathan and Caleb both weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces), followed by 2 six-pounders (Elizabeth 6# 13, John 6# 4), followed by another 7-pounder (Timothy weighed 7# 5).

3 -- Epidurals? This one probably only means something to me! :) With Nathan, I had an epidural (3 actually as the first 2 didn't take!). With Caleb, too late! With Elizabeth, I had an epidural that worked very well. With John, epidural didn't work. With Timothy, another well-working epidural.

4 -- Hair color? While Nathan was born blonde, he didn't stay that way long. He's definitely a brunette. Caleb, full blonde. Elizabeth, brunette all along. John, blonde (albeit redish) from the beginning. Timothy, well, his is certainly not blonde and is starting to look more and more brunette as we go along.

5 -- This one is questionable. Up until Timothy's birth, I thought we had a pattern for day of the week. Nathan was born very early on a Wednesday morning. Caleb was born late on a Monday evening. Elizabeth, an early Thursday morning. John, a late Tuesday evening. I had a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and a Thursday baby and thought I just might have a Friday baby. However, Timothy was also born on a Thursday. Interesting to note -- Timothy was my only baby born during daylight hours. Ooh -- that's another pattern -- (early) morning, evening, (early) morning, evening, morning.

So....if 'pattern' holds, then we should have a 7 pound, blonde baby girl born without an epidural (who may or may not be born on a Friday evening?). There's a few patterns there that I couldn't care less about, 1 that I hope holds (girl), and 1 that I hope doesn't (epidural). Only time will tell. For those of you who are curious, yes, we will find out what this baby is as soon as possible. Typically, that's done around 20 weeks although they can tell earlier and earlier as technology improves. We should know something by the first of November at least. Stay tuned!