Pray for the Stevens Clan

The kids have been fighting colds off and on for a couple of weeks or so. With Timothy's procedure coming up on Thursday, I took him to the dr yesterday just to make sure it was "just a cold" as his symptoms had seemed to disappear but then came back. Thankfully, it isn't anything more at this point. Still, he's starting with a cough now and I'm fearful they'll cancel on us when we get there on Thursday. That I definitely don't want to happen if we can help it. Also, I started having a scratchy throat yesterday. I woke up in the middle of the night, though, in terrible pain. My throat was sooooo sore it burned and hurt to swallow and my ears were aching. My throat feels a little better this morning but I'm unable to really say much. Overall, I feel kinda yucky, although I've certainly felt worse. Your prayers are certainly appreciated.

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bauerpower said...

PRAYING as we speak, I mean type, or read....you get the idea.