Can't think of a clever title

....and we don't have anything to really "report". But, I figured the blog needed a little update and maybe a few new pictures. (Try to contain your excitement!)

One thing we do have to report on -- we're very pleased to announce that Timothy has qualified for speech therapy! We've been really encouraged at how his language is developing on his own but we realize (and I'm sure you do, too) that he's terribly behind others his age. Anyway, we go once a week, every Tuesday at 9:15 in the morning. Eventually, we'll work up to 1 hour sessions. We didn't really get to have therapy this week because of the missing hearing aid (long story there!) but we were given our first week of "homework". We're working on his listening skills first -- in order to speak clearly, you need to hear clearly. We've picked 2 phrases and 2 songs to sing and we're trying to get Timothy to imitate us which would indicate that he understands us/hears us. Our phrases for this week are "give me a kiss" and I'm sure it's obvious what we want him to do. The second phrase is "time to eat" and we're working on getting him to go to his high chair when we say that. He's doing very well with those. He's not trying to imitate us with our songs yet. Oh, I guess I should point out that we're not trying to get Timothy to sing, we're trying to get him to imitate our actions so we're using an action song ("If You're Happy And You Know It") and one other song where we've added our own motion ("Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"). He thinks we're hilarious when we sing them to him!

Okay, on to some pictures....from our bonfire we had on Saturday the 12th. Nothing fancy -- just us for some hot dogs and some friends for some smore's. It was tons of fun but had to call it an early night because of church the next day.Elizabeth picked her "seat"!
I think they enjoyed their smore's, don't you?Timothy hung out quite nicely in the play pen!

And some misc. pictures....Elizabeth, our daredevil
Dad manages all 4 on the swings!We rarely get good pictures of Nathan (he's often behind the camera!)
And a shot of the creek near the park. Some kids there thought I was from the newspaper when I took this picture and were kinda irate about it! Took me a few minutes to convince them I was just taking a picture!

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