Guessing game!

Don't know why but I'm in the mood for a guessing game!
This is Lydia at 7 months old:
Now....for the other five kids at 7 months.
Can you tell who's who AND who do you think Lydia looks the most alike???

Number 1
Number 2

Number 3
Number 4
Number 5


bauerpower said...

too easy!!

john, elizabeth, nathan, timothy, caleb

maybe i shouldn't spend so much time w/your kids, OR maybe your kids shouldn't be so distinctive looking.

maybe i'll do one too.

stevens clan said...

Alright, Miss Smarty Pants! You didn't answer who you thought Lydia looked like, though. And the answer "all of them" is not acceptable.

No one says my kids are distinctive looking! I have people tell me all the time that Caleb and John look too much alike & have even had out-of-state family call when I send pictures, asking who's who!

The Mrs. said...

I'll play! Yep - Candace is right (I hope) 1=john, 2=Elizabeth, 3=Nathan, 4=Timothy, 5=Caleb. I think Lydia looks the most like Elizabeth in the eye/nose area - maybe Nathan as a 2nd. Her face shape is different, more like Caleb's??? Overall, would say she looks the most like Elizabeth and Nathan.

bauerpower said...

sorry. i was so busy being "miss smarty pants" i forgot to answer second question.

i have always thought she looks like elizabeth...BUT...based just on these baby pics i think she is a mix of a few of them. calebs head shape for starters. and nathan would have made such a pretty girl! don't tell him i said that!

let me define distinctive: spending too much time with someone......but in a GOOD way!!!!!

Paula said...

I wrote down my answers before I looked at the comments, and I guessed the same as Candace.
And I agree, Nathan would have made a pretty girl...those eyelashes! I actually did better on your kids than I did my own grandkids! (although I think I got them right, too).