Burn, suspension, laceration, ear infection, & RSV

What do all those have in common? They all have occurred to the Clan since last Sunday morning! It started the day of the family picture (see last post) with Timothy burning his hand on the iron. He's healing nicely.... Monday we get a call from Nathan's school because he was in trouble for "disruption of school" (he was goofing off, not meaning to be malicious, but stupidly poked a kid in the glasses with is pencils). Tuesday and Wednesday, while not knowing Nathan's "fate", other than he would face some sort of out-of-school suspension, we spent the days cooped in with snow days. Thursday, everyone went back to school and we went to Nathan's "suspension hearing" at 1:30. Thankfully, since Nathan isn't a "problem kid" and since he didn't mean to hurt that boy, they gave him just that one day. Friday he went back to school but while waiting to leave to go to Jonathan's parents for a visit on Friday evening, Timothy fell off the cedar chest and bit his tongue. He has about a 1/4" laceration across his tongue from his teeth. Talk about blood! It was nasty! That's healing nicely as well.... Saturday was just absolutely insane. Jonathan was out running errands Saturday morning, I went baby shopping and to a baby shower in the afternoon while Jonathan left the babies with his dad and took the oldest 4 snow sledding. Picked up the babies, ran more errands, and came home. Lydia went to bed normally but was up around 10:30 that night with a fever. Since we had children's church on Sunday, we decided to take her with us but while we were getting her ready on Sunday morning, we noticed that a lymph node in her neck was drastically swollen (looked like a quarter stuck under her skin). When that happened 2 weeks ago, it was because of an ear infection. So, Sunday afternoon, I took her to the urgent care. Sure enough, another ear infection. 4th one since December so now we're scheduled for a consultation with the ENT & she'll likely have tubes put in soon. That takes me to today -- we were snowed in again today but Lydia woke up with breathing problems. Turns out she has RSV on top of the ear infection and is now on breathing treatments and steroids. Crazy, right?

Upcoming things to note:

* February 27th, Lydia has a consultation with the eye doctor 'cause we're concerned she has a lazy and/or wandering eye.
* March 2nd, Lydia turns 1!!!
* March 8th, Lydia has her one-year check-up.
* March 29th is not only Lydia's ENT consultation but also the first day of spring break for the kiddos. We plan on taking the kids on a mini-vacation to Cleveland that Thursday and Friday to see this one science center (where we get in free with our COSI membership), take them to the Cleveland zoo (50% off with our Columbus zoo membership), and spend the night in a hotel with a pool (something these kids think is just the most fabulous thing!).

Ah, life in the Clan! But we're surviving! :)

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