Birthday buddies!

May is 2 BIG birthdays around these neck of the woods!  John turn 6 on the 5th and for 13 days, I've had 2 six-year-olds!  ;)  But, alas, Elizabeth is 7 today!  I seem to have neglected to do John's birthday post 
(have no idea why!  Sorry, John!) so here they are together!


John, shortly after coming home from the NICU

Elizabeth, just shy of 2 and John, just shy of 1, at the zoo

Brownie-making helpers!  (PLEASE do ignore the messy kitchen!)

Just after Uncle Fred and Aunt Marcy's wedding, 2008


2010, just after eating Lydia's birthday cake with pink icing (and with big brother, Caleb, too!)


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Anonymous said...

Something fun for you and the kids would be the UniverSoul Circus. Its tons of fun, I try and take my nephews just about every year. Any who, they are coming to Cleveland Ohio June 30th-July 4th. I just thought this seemed like a fun family event you could post :)