Labor Day Weekend

How was your holiday weekend? Ours went smoothly. We started off the weekend with soccer and our school year kick-off party, the Medieval Feast. Nathan gave reports on King David from the Bible and Peter the Great. He also played the role of a bard and recounted the story of Robin Hood. His friend, Fionna, gave reports on Jezebel and Queen Elizabeth and played the harp. They pulled "swords" from the stone to assign themselves new names for the day. Nathan was Sir Burger of Bun, Caleb was Sir Sand of Castle, Elizabeth was Lady Apple of Juice, and I can't remember what John was. They designed their own coat of arms and then we played some games. We finished the day with balloon jousting and a game of Catch The Dragon's Tail. Here's some pics -- the cake I made (supposed to look like a shield and has Eph. 6:16 on it for the "sheild of faith"), Nathan and Fionna in their costumes, and then
Jonathan and John in Nathan's masks.

Also this weekend, we went to a church softball game. Jonathan get up to bat 3 or 4 times and actually hit the ball every time!! Check out this action:

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