32 weeks, 6 days

That's one day further than we made it with John! Praise be to God! Not only am I still pregnant, some pain that I was having earlier in the week that was excruciating to the point of putting me in bed has been minimal yesterday and today. I had this pian while pregnant with John and the drs say it is muscle stretching or muscle fatigue. They also say they can't do anything to help ease the pain. I'm just extremely thankful for the blessing of these past 2 days. God has also blessed us in another way. Yesterday, Jonathan was offered a new job doing website programming. Computer programming is what he's wanted to do all along and he has had the opportunity to do it in his current job just not very much. Most of his time has been devoted to technical support at his current position. Getting to do what he has wanted to do is great but we're still in awe at the salary offered to him. The amount he initially asked for would have meant an increase in pay for us but the company exceeded it by quite a bit. Not only will we be able to comfortably afford the extra gas (1.3 mile commute to a 23 mile commute) and grocery money we'll need because of his new position (he definately won't be able to make it home for lunch any more!), we'll also have money to put towards finally getting ourselves out of debt. We've hardly had any money focus on our debts in quite a while and, unfortunately, have quite a bit of medical bills from Elizabeth & John's pregnancies where I had bad insurance and John was in the NICU for 2 weeks. Time is running out for tonight -- gotta get the kids in bed for church tomorrow. I just wanted to post that we're still here, still pregnant, new job on the horizon, and amazed by God's protection and provision!


inspired said...

I am praying God's providence for you in this pregnancy.


Heather said...

Hang in there and Congrats on the new job!

Nancy said...

Praise God that your little one is still safe and you are feeling relief. I am praying for you!