Good days

After the beginning of the week I had last week, I didn't think I'd ever reach a point again where I would be content to still be pregnant. I knew I didn't want Timothy to come early but I also knew I wanted to stop feeling miserable. I've got the best of both worlds almost. Since last Thursday, my pain has been minimal and tolerable. Last night was a little rough but NOTHING like I experienced last week. I'm so thankful God answered my prayers and the prayers of the many who I know were praying for me. I'm also so thankful that we're still chuggin' along with no signs that Timothy is coming any time soon. Now, don't get me wrong -- I'm still pregnant, still huge (although I had lost 2 pounds between my last 2 visits!), still tired, still hoping for an early baby but by "early", I mean a December baby, not a January one (and certainly not a November one!). Little stinker was uncooperative on the NST at first yesterday but finally got with the program. Now if I can just figure out when to go Christmas shopping. I don't really want to go now 'cause I get uncomfortable with a lot of activity (which is why I was hurting last night -- NST in the morning and then we had an appointment last night at 5:15 and took the kids to McDonald's). But, what if this baby makes it to 37 weeks? That means IF my dr would "cooperate" and agree to induce me (that's my little dream anyway 'cause I'm terrified of going into labor on my own), that'd be the week BEFORE Christmas and I'm not going to feel like shopping then after just having delivered....see my dilema? We've been working on getting ideas together before we go out to do the shopping to minimize the time in the store(s) but....Anyway, all told, things are feeling pretty darn good right now. And I couldn't be happier about that!! Thanks be to God!

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Jessica said...

Hey my red headed roommate - I finally got a chance to catch up on your quiver. I can't beleive your due date is so near. I miss you terribly.

love you always.