4 months old

(as of yesterday)....

This month has been rough with all the new medical stuff going on but you'd never know it when you look at Timothy! He's just an overall happy baby! He's starting to giggle and laugh and starting to make attempts to turn over but hasn't yet. Because of his congestion, we choose not to let him sleep on his back so it's hard to learn to roll over when you're in a bouncy seat or swing all the time. But now that we think his "congestion" has nothing to do with a cold, we plan on asking the doctor about letting him sleep on his back. He goes for a check-up on Saturday and I'm very curious to see what he weighs. According ot our scale, he's over 16 pounds already. He's definitely starting to have a sort of schedule which happily includes sleeping about 9 hours at night. He goes to bed around 9:30 and will sleep sometimes as late as 7:30. He's still a funny eater -- almost like a grazer at times. He's a joy to be with and thinks that having his diaper changed and especially his clothes changed is just hilarious as he laughs nearly the entire time. He's also very ticklish on his feet and ribs but sometimes under his chin, too. We'll post the official stats next week after his dr's appointment but here's some new pictures!

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