Another update

Talked to the ear dr's secretary today....she said that while the dr is okay with operating on a Friday (which was previously questionable), he is saying that he is not okay with operating before we've seen genetics. The genetic dr can't see him until 5/6 but they agreed to look at T's information and either offer a suggestion and/or work him in sometime soon to where he can keep the 4/25 surgery date....

On a much brighter note, our pediatrician called today. He wanted to know if the ear dr had contacted me and I told him what all I had been told. He said that he did agree that we're taking the right steps with checking things out with genetics, but that he wanted to be a "voice of reassurance" for us -- these disorders we might be testing for usually carry "pretty significant symptoms that we haven't seen in Timothy thus far" (his words as I remember them). He assured me that the chance of T having one of these disorders is very slim and that he would be floored if we found out that he has something along these lines. I asked him if this is common and he said that he believes it is. However, they can't back that up with statistics because the way drs know that this calcification is happening is by doing an airway flurosocopy like they ran on T. Obvoiusly they don't run those tests on babies who aren't having issues. What that means, he said, is that if it is as common as they think it may be, then all the babies they suspect who has this, outgrow it and it never becomes a problem. So....all that to say -- our pediatrician really thinks that 1) we should run the tests to make sure we're not dealing with something severe, 2) it's highly unlikely that we are dealing with something severe, and 3) it's very likely (in his opinion) that this is something T will outgrow and might not need any kind of intervention.

I hope that makes sense....if I haven't heard from our ear dr's secretary and/or genetics by Monday afternoon/Tuesday morning, then I'm to call them to see what's going to happen with the surgery date. Of course, I'll keep everyone posted.

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The Mrs. said...

Sorry to hear about all the problems and tests little Timothy is having/will need. It sounds like you've got a really good team of Dr.s looking out for him too! We'll keep praying for the little guy and you!