Four and Nineteen

Months that is....So sad to say I don't really have new pictures, though. :(

Little Miss Lydia turned 4 months old on July 2nd! Crazy, huh? She's doing great, for the most part. She's recently learned to roll over, right on cue for her age, and a big feat, if you ask me, since she doesn't sleep on her back (she's still sleeping in the bouncy or swing). We hit a rough patch recently with her breathing. She came down with a pretty bad cold while we were in Tennessee in June and has just hung on to her cough. While my Mom was here the first week of July, we could tell she was getting just a bit worse. Trip to the doctor on a Saturday revealed nothing....but by the following Wednesday (last week), it was obvious something was worse as I could hear her audibly wheezing. Still no sign of any kind of infection so the doctor put her on an inhaler. She was okay for a few days but then last Saturday, she was really bad and I ended up taking her to the doctor early that morning. They decided that she definitely responds better to the nebulizer treatments (a mask that vaporizes the medicine and is breathed in over the course of about 10 minutes as opposed to the inhaler which just sends 1 or 2 puffs of the medicine in through the mouth) so we gave those over the weekend every 4 (waking) hours. Yesterday was her 4 month check-up and the pediatrician said since she was not longer wheezing, we could stop the treatments every 4 hours and just give them when needed. Unfortunately she had to have one this morning 'cause she was stuck breathing too fast again which is why I had to take her in last Saturday. She was also congested in her nose today, too, so I'm hoping we're not about to take on another cold which will probably make things worse. We're in a watch-and-wait period to see if this is like the other kids who experience wheezing every now and then or if this could possibly be "real" asthma. Obviously, we're hoping for the latter.... She weighed 13 pounds, 2 ounces but I can't remember how long she was. Unless she continues to have breathing trouble or were to get sick in any way, she doesn't go back until September.

Timothy was officially 19 months old on the 6th and has changed a lot lately! Not necessarily physically but he's finally learned to walk! Thankfully, after his check-up yesterday, we've laid the talk of physical therapy to rest permanently! :) We're still working on getting speech therapy, though, although he did the cutest thing yesterday. While changing him, he pointed to his shoes, wrinkled his little nose, and said "oos". Funny that his first understandable word is shoes but hey, I'll take what I can get! He weighed 23 pounds which was the same thing he weighed last time, but he'd gained 1 1/2 inches, up to 32 1/2" now. He goes back in September for a weight check and for another well-check in December.

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