I keep seeing all these blog posts -- "This is how so-and-so looked last year at Thanksgiving and this is how he/she looks today". Thought I'd see if I could join in the act.... It is always fun, after all, to see just how much your kids have changed in a year's time.

Nathan, unfortunately, doesn't really have a now picture to post. He's not in front of the camera as much as he used to be. :( And Lydia, of course, wasn't here last Thanksgiving (in the technical sense). But, I'll add one of her just by herself because this is my post and I can do what I want....The 3 Musketeers then....Caleb now (with this thing he created)....Elizabeth now (I have NO idea what she's doing!)....John now....Timothy then....Timothy now....
Obviously, those weren't all taken at Thanksgiving but, hey, they're recent pictures (otherwise, what would be the point?)! Our Thanksgiving was good. Little movie drama....we try to take the kids to a movie on most major holidays and we wanted to go to Disney's "The Princess And The Frog" but it doesn't come out for a few more days. Then we though about "Planet 51" but it got a review we weren't happy with from Focus On The Family's website called "Plugged In" (GREAT resource for Christian families! Find it here). So we ended up seeing "Astro Boy" which was pretty good. Then we let the kids oggle from outside the new Lego store in town with a promise to take them back soon when they can actually get in. Next it was off to Jonathan's family's get-together. Traditional turkey affair and it was very good! Hung out there until after dark when I brought the youngest 5 home and Jonathan took Nathan and went with his Dad, brother-in-law, and nephew to go fishing -- in the dark, spitting rain/snow, 40-ish degrees outside, and blowing wind. That didn't last very long! After that, I was in bed by 9! YAY! Today, we've mostly just hung out around the house although I did go to Game Stop and pick up something for a little boy who'll be 7 on Wednesday and then we went back to Jonathan's parent's house for left-overs, leaving Nathan and Caleb behind for a grandson sleepover. John, sadly, didn't get to stay 'cause he peed in his pants today (will it EVER end?). Bathed John, Elizabeth, and Timothy, put Timothy to bed and then played a pseudo-game of Sorry with John and Elizabeth. Next time, we're only going to give them 2 pawns 'cause we lost them about half way through the game. They've been in bed since a little after 9 and Jonathan just finished watching the latest "Indiana Jones" flick. So now it's off to bed! Nothing exciting planned for our weekend but we will be getting a new washer and dryer next week which I am very excited about. Hope to get the tree up tomorrow and take Nathan to get new glasses (LONG story).
How about you? How was your holiday?

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