What do you do?

What do you do when you wake up in a coughing frenzy (did I mentioned I caught the kids' crud?) only to realize it's 2 full hours until you can take more medicine? May I submit my list for your contemplation? GREAT! I was going to anyway....

1. Try to contain the coughing before you wake the dead.

2. Realize that severe coughing plus bladder muscles weakened by giving birth 6 times means you now have two problems (there, Candace -- how's THAT for TMI? hee hee!).

3. Change clothes.

4. Try a cough drop.

5. Try propping yourself up in bed 'cause you cough less when you're sitting upright as opposed to when you're lying down (why is that?).

6. Write this entire blog post in your head, intermingled with trying to will yourself back to sleep.

7. Pray for sleep.

8. Drift off but then wake up with another coughing fit, albeit a more minor one.

9. Get excited when you squint at the clock and think you see 2:48 which means you slept for 2 hours and can now take more medicine.

10. Put on your glasses to get up to go take more of said medicine only to realize with your glasses on that the clock really says 12:48 and you only drifted off for 20 minutes, not 2 hours.

11. Give up!

*sigh* At least Lydia slept through the night last night, as opposed to the night before when she was up between 11 and 2 screaming her head off. Once I struggled my way to 2:10, I figured "Close enough!" and took more medicine. Finally drifted off well around 4 and slept okay until 7:15. I think I pulled a muscle in my chest from so much coughing. Here's hoping for a better night!!

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Michael said...

Fresh, original flavor Altoids are the best cough drops on the market. They also soothe sore throats and help a little with nasal congestion. But only the original flavor works and old stale ones like the ones on my nightstand left from last winter's colds don't work.