2 year and 9 month check-ups

Timothy and Lydia had check-ups this morning. Here's a rundown:

T: Weighed in at 27 pounds, 34 1/2" inches tall. He's back to the 50th percentile for weight which is great! Our dr thinks his persistent runny nose is likely due to allergies so we're going to give some allergy medicine a week's trial to see what happens. No sign of sinus infection so the only other explanation would be that he's catching cold after cold after cold. He's met all his milestones except in speech which is to be expected. He rec'd his last vaccine (until he's 5, that is), his seasonal flu shot, and his first H1N1 flu "mist" which will have to be repeated in 1 month's time. Otherwise, he goes back in June.

L: Weighed in at 17 pounds, 7 ounces and 26 1/2" long. She's still holding in the 25th percentile for both but that means she's steadily growing which is, of course, good news. Again, likely that her persistent runny nose is a result of allergies because she, too, is clear of sinus infection so we're putting her on a 1-week trial of allergy meds. He was pleased with where she's coming in head and neck control so we're very thankful he doesn't think we need to see the neurosurgeon and/or physical therapists. However, it does appear that she's got some form of lazy eye or a wandering eye so off to Children's opthamology department we shall go! She rec'd her 2nd seasonal flu shot (always have to get 2 when you get it the first time) and her first H1N1 shot (can't get the mist until you're 2) which she'll have to have repeated in 1 month's time as well. Otherwise, she goes back in March for her big birthday check-up. (1 YEAR? GASP!)

Stay tuned! We got the kids all dressed up in their Christmas digs last night at my in-law's and tried to get a decent picture of all 6. We'll post the final result as well as some hilarious "out-takes" soon!

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that is a GREAT pic!!!!