Happy 2nd Birthday, Timothy!!!

Timothy arrived exactly 1 calendar month (a little over 4 weeks) early. He was my only daytime baby! I woke up that morning in pain but didn't think I was in labor. I thought it was a UTI or kidney infection. Imagine a 5th time mother not knowing she was in labor! Pain was too intense to stay home so I called for a sitter for the kids (thanks, Kisha!) and Jonathan called in to work -- what would have been his FOURTH day on the new job! By the time the sitter got here and we got in the car, I realized what was going on. We arrived at the hospital around 7:30 and I was dialted to 7. Definitely baby day! They gave me a special epidural -- they basically gave me medicine in my spine before they placed the epidural catheter that gave more medicine. That was FABULOUS! We chilled until around 10:30, they broke my water, and Timothy was born. I remember being happy to have delivered before lunch -- I could eat! In fact, I got to eat twice. They brought me lunch while still in the delivery room and then I got lunch again after we were moved up to the recovery unit. Funny what we remember, huh? It was to be a tumultuous (sp?) December but we're not going to focus on that. Today we're celebrating 2 years with Timothy, in spite of what we've endured, and are thankful to the One who not only gave us Timothy but has also sustained him and us (as He always does)!

Days after birth6 months1 year18 months (don't you just LOVE that face?)October this year....I love this shot of him!

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bauerpower said...

i am SOOO glad you posted this, just so i could tell my son (I mean YOUR son) happy birthday. i will now go fix your son's (i mean MY sons) b-day blog.