We brought Jesus home with us!

(Please humor me and tell me this really IS as funny as I think it is!)

So Saturday we went down to Portsmouth (or Porch-moth, if you pronounce it the way most of the Stevens family does), about 2 hours away, to visit with Jonathan's extended family on his dad's side. We had a great time -- they're a hoot! Anyway, while we were there, any time I held Lydia near me on the table, she would shake her legs fiercely and it was obvious to everyone around that there was something on the shelves behind me that she was DYING to get to! So, Jonathan's aunt finally started pulling things off the shelf trying to figure out what it was Lydia wanted. She pulled down this one picture and Lydia looked right past the picture, back to the shelf. What was she staring at? This ceramic statue of Jesus! They got it down and let her play with it and then as we were on our way out, they gave this statue to us to take home for Lydia! It was so stinkin' hilarious! My mom asked if that was really what Lydia wanted and it had to have been 'cause as long as she was holding Jesus, she was calm. Not that she was really upset -- she was just bouncing up a storm to get to this statue! So, here you go -- we brought Jesus home with us and here's a picture to share! :) I'm still laughing....


Anonymous said...

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bauerpower said...

actually, your first comment is funnier than your story :)

Charissa Pituch said...