Special Day!!!

Today's the day -- Sweet Little Miss Lydia turns ONE today! Crazy, right??? She's babbling, still army crawling, starting to eat big people food, and just yesterday finally got the hang of drinking from a cup. We're working this week to get rid of the bottles which should go a lot easier after yesterday's accomplishment, and also weaning the pacifier down to just sleeping times. There's research supporting a link between frequent or recurring ear infections and pacifier use. She goes to the ENT on the 29th for possible tube surgery for her ears. She goes to her pediatrician on Monday for her 1 year check-up so we'll have some stats to report then. We think she's around 18 and a half pounds and 26 inches, though. After bottles, pacifier, and ears -- it's on to working those tiny little legs! She shows ZERO interest in standing! *sigh*

Here she is today! She LOVES sticking that tongue out! (She had a toy dropped on her nose by one of her older siblings which no one has confessed to....)
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Happy Birthday, Lydia!
We Love You!

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Val said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl! Kisses from Phoebe and Joanna!