What we've been up to

March was a busy month, especially towards the end. LOTS of sickness. Started out as a virus that caused first Timothy, then Caleb, Elizabeth, and John, to have a fever (but never over 101), stuffy nose, and coughs. Lydia also came down with the stuffy nose during this time but no fever or cough.... Timothy's eventually turned into a sinus infection. Thought on a Sunday that it was a sinus infection but didn't want to take him to see the dr since he was getting better. However, on that next day when John said his ears hurt, I decided since I was taking one child to the dr, I might as well take Timothy, too (you don't ignore it my kids saying their ears hurt -- they have HIGH pain thresholds and when their ears hurt, they REALLY hurt and are usually VERY infected by that point). Monday's total -- antibiotics for Timothy and John. Monday evening, Caleb starts saying his ears hurt. During the night, Elizabeth wakes up crying -- something she NEVER does, not even from nightmares -- saying her jaw hurt. Tuesday, back to the dr and 2 more antibiotics for Caleb and Elizabeth's infected ears. Nathan stayed home that day since he was starting in with the cough and we figured he was about to be sick like the others. But Wednesday he was fine, so I sent him to school. Thursday morning, though, I found him on the couch with a temp of 104! Figuring it was what everyone else had, although obviously worse, I let him be. Saturday, though, when he hadn't moved off the couch and hadn't eaten anything, I took him to our pediatrician where he was diagnosed with the flu. Later that day, we went to our church's Easter Egg Hunt while Nathan camped out on his granddad's couch.On to the next week.... Spring Break for the kiddos began with an ENT consult for Lydia last Monday the 29th. They're going to put tubes in her ears on May 13th. The bummer, though, was that her hearing tested poorly. Very bad, in fact. So now we're waiting until after her 5/13 surgery date for more hearing testing but it's looking likely that she's suffering from hearing loss, probably related to all her ear infections. That was my Monday morning.... Monday evening, Nathan seemed to be getting slightly worse as he was throwing up the only things he was putting down -- liquids (still hadn't eaten since the previous Wednesday night). Off to the ER we went where we found out that it wasn't the flu after all but PNEUMONIA and in BOTH lungs! Poor baby even had to have an IV for fluids. He's still finishing up antibiotics but is much better now. Thursday and Friday of spring break, we had promised the kids a little road trip. We took them to Cleveland (don't laugh) to see the Cleveland Zoo (270 pictures taken but most of them of the animals so I'll spare you!) and to the Great Lakes Science Center. Here's a picture of the Cleveland city skyline and the kiddos @ the Science Center. We had a great time!And that takes us up to now. Here's the kids from Easter Sunday where -- you'll never believe it! -- Lydia was sick! *pulling out my hair* I ended up taking her to the urgent care because her temperature wasn't responding to the ibuprofen. She has (another) ear infection....And that's what we've been up to! Hope your March was better than ours!

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