Picture updates

Promised a birthday post after my last post. However, I couldn't get to our back pictures! Sorry, Nathan! He had a great 11th birthday, though (not that anyone was missing the post I promised....)!

Here's some really overdue pictures! First up, in May, Caleb was awarded the student of the month (at least I think it was "month" & not like quarter or something....). This is him with his principal, Mr. Seckel. Unless you ask John....then it's his "president" and his name is "Mr Cycle". Too cute! We're sad to see Mr. Seckel retire!!
On Mother's Day, we celebrated John & Elizabeth's birthdays at Jonathan's parents house. Here's some of the cousins together (cousin Kaylee in the middle).
John's reaction to seeing his new bike.
And Elizabeth's reaction to seeing hers.

In June, Nathan was awarded an academic excellence award. Kinda like honor roll. The lady off the far left is his principal, Mrs. Thomas-Manning. The gentleman handing him his certificate is his assistant principal Dr. Jones.
And last but not least, we took the kids to the Columbus Museum of Art during the Columbus Arts Festival. We went right when they opened so as to minimize the crowds. That was an excellent idea! A large part of the Chihuly art exhibit....
The picture of my monkeys that's now at the top of the blog almost got us kicked out of the exhibit. We were in a "no flashes" zone & didn't know it. :)

If you follow me on Facebook, I'm also uploading a new album of pictures from the Stevens Family Reunion. Enjoy!

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