Don't seem to be blogging much these days, thanks to Facebook and Twitter. So here's an update of what's going on. Tomorrow, another birthday post is coming!!

Jonathan has been working his you-know-what off. They just completed a major project at work so hopefully he can get back to his "regular" job now. Not that his regular job is any less stressful.... I know he'd appreciate your prayers as he strives to get his work done and still be with his family.

Nathan is enjoying his summer break but is anxious for school to start (he gets that honestly!). He rec'd his standardized ("achievement") test scores in the mail recently and tested "accelerated" in all 3 subjects. Way to go, Nathan!

Caleb is trying to enjoy summer. He's struggled with allergies this spring and today, finally visited an allergist. This is the first time he's been tested. He tested allergic to grass, weeds, several types of trees, cats, dogs, and dust mites. We're considering going with allergy shots but are adding a 4th allergy medication in the meantime.

Elizabeth is also suffering from allergies but much, much milder than Caleb. She was recently at the doctor for a chronic cough because of allergies and has gained 14 pounds in 1 year!! She now weighs exactly the same thing Caleb does, 54 pounds! She's so stinkin' excited about going to school with her lunch box!

John is excited about starting school! He's about 7 pounds behind Caleb & Elizabeth but is within an inch or 2 of both of them in height. He did great at his 5 year well-check and came in the size of an average 6 1/2 year old boy! Sheesh!

Timothy is 2 and that about sums it up! He's a monkey, let me tell you! Unfortunately, he likes fighting with his siblings.... He's still doing great in speech therapy, though!

Lydia, last but not least, is going to be an allergy sufferer, too, I'm afraid. She's actually got us concerned. She's tiny -- nearly 17 months old and barely 19 pounds, yet she doesn't walk or stand consistently. She's been evaluated by a physical therapist and is having some x-rays done of her legs and will be starting weekly physical therapy on 8/10. The x-rays are to determine whether or not there's a significant difference in the lengths of the bones of her legs or not. When you stretch her out, there appears to be a fair amount of difference between her leg lengths but we need a more accurate measurement. She's also going for allergy testing on 8/16. It was difficult enough to take Caleb for testing -- I can't imagine what it'll be like to put this tiny baby through that. *sniff, sniff*

It's been a busy summer for us and we can't believe it's almost time to go back to school! Yes, we're going to put the kids in public school again this year. What we felt was not working for us as far as homeschooling goes still isn't "fixed", for a lack of a better word, so we feel this truly is the best for them. They had a great year in school & loved it which makes things a lot easier. Nathan especially loved it and has begged us to not homeschool him again. Preteens are a whole new world for me. I haven't decided if I like it or not (although I realize it doesn't really matter....). Hope you all are doing well!

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