There's no way I could have imagined how our life was going to change on this day 6 years ago. We were so happy to have a baby girl after having 2 boys. But, boy, oh boy, has she been a handful! Still, we wouldn't trade her for anything! And today, we're especially happy to be celebrating her 6th birthday!Going home from the hospital in one of my dresses from 1977!July 4, 2004/ 2 months oldMay 2005/1 yearSpring 2006/2 yearsEaster 2007/3 years old4 years oldEaster 2009/5 years
Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!

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Mike and Katie said...

It sounds like we have the same van. But we only have five and our oldest is almost 16 so he should have his own car by the time we add another baby (Lord willing, of course, that we add another baby not that he has his own car.) :)