February's theme was chocolate!  :)  We read books on where chocolate comes from and celebrated Valentine's Day with friends.  Because I forgot my camera & because I'm lazy, here's what her blog had to say about our day (my notes in italics):

Karen and 3 of her kids (Lydia, Timothy, and Elizabeth) came over this morning for a Valentine breakfast and lunch. Elizabeth needed to do some homeschooling fun, so we all benefited. Big thanks to Karen for including us and coming up w/all the great ideas. (Doing things with friends makes things so much easier and so much more fun!) 

We started with chocolate filled heart shaped doughnuts from Tim Hortons.

Then it was on to cutting hearts out of red peppers for the vegetable & cheese skewers.

Next was the task of making heart shaped pizzas. I made the dough but it was forgettable. However, the fresh mozzarella on mine and Karen's was scrumptious!

Heart shaped sugar cookies would have to be made, of course! After they cooled we iced them with a cream cheese icing and topped them with fresh sliced strawberries and sliced bananas.  (Didn't have bananas on mine 'cause I don't eat bananas but boy, oh boy, were those cookies with strawberries yummy!!!)

The main attraction of the day was chocolate dipping strawberries.

Then striping the dipped strawberries.

The final lunch menu of heart shaped pizzas, heart shaped jello bites, vegetable (cherry tomatoes & red pepper hearts) & cheese (baby bell cheese cut into hearts) skewers w/ranch dip, and hawaiian punch.

The final dessert menu of chocolate dipped strawberries, heart shaped doughnuts, and heart shaped sugar cookie pizzas. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!


bauerpower said...

it doesn't count as a new blog entry when you steal another one (which i didn't even know you could do.)! :) good thing i love you!

Me said...

Well, I wouldn't have done such a thing if it had been anyone else or hadn't involved my own children. :) The feeling's mutual.