January homeschooling

January was a "princess" theme:
 Making a princess wand
 My 2 princesses (and the completed wand)
Princess Elizabeth and her crown

She also made a castle out of cardboard and toilet paper rolls, made a "princess pillow case", read about real and fairy tale princesses, and watched "Cinderella" & "Beauty And The Beast" on DVD.  On January 22nd, Elizabeth & I took in "Disney Princesses On Ice".  It was called something different but I'm pretty sure it's the exact same show we saw in 2008 which was kinda disappointing.  But, at least with a better camera, I got some pretty good shots.  
 Elizabeth & her $12 icee
 Mickey & Minnie
 Aladdin & the Genie
Sleeping Beauty 
 Prince Eric and Ursula from "The Little Mermaid"
 Mulan & MooShoo (sp?)
Cinderella in her carriage

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Sarah said...

Love seeing your homeschool updates - very inspirational! Thanks for sharing!