First homeschool convention

I had the opportunity yesterday to attend the MidWest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati.  I have never been to a convention before, even when homeschooling Nathan.  I was really excited even though I only got to attend one day of conferences.  I left Friday evening in time to attend the Tim Hawkins concert with Candace.  LOVE Tim Hawkins & totally enjoyed his concert.  Candace had originally planned on taking her whole family down for the convention, which started on Thursday, and stay in a suite.  However, when they changed their minds, they cut their reservation back to only Friday night and I planned on staying down there with her while our husbands and Candace's Mom had our kiddos.  I hesitate to mention the name of the hotel we stayed at...while we were impressed at the size of the two-story suite, we were unimpressed at the dirty carpet and cob webs on the ceiling and at the front desk's lack of knowledge.  There was a restaurant in the lobby and we asked what time they opened for breakfast.  We were told 7...it really was 8.  We asked how much we'd have to pay for parking in their garage for 24 hours and we were told $2, maybe $4...with a change in plans, we weren't even in the garage 12 hours and the charge was $6!?!?  We had an awesome breakfast at a place called First Watch and then ventured back to the convention.  Our first conference started at 8:30, our second one at 10, third one at 11:30, then Candace took a conference at 1 while I walked the exhibitor hall, we met back up at 2:30 for another session, and then decided to leave early at 4.  We intended on returning at 6 for the "Grand Finale" involving the Duggar Family from TLC's "19 Kids And Counting".  However, seating was on a first-come, first-served basis and at 3:30, folks were already lining up.  We needed to eat since we had only had breakfast and a snack and knew there was no way we could leave the convention center, eat, and get back in time to actually get a seat.  We drove a little bit up 71 and had dinner at "Aroma Restaurant & Sushi Bar" at a mall.  Yummy! We were home by 8:30, a full 2 hours before we thought we'd be home which was good.  I was welcomed home by hugs & kisses, had time to tuck everyone in bed, and was in bed by 10 which was STILL earlier than I had even intended to be home!  THAT equaled a full night's sleep which I desperately needed.  I intend to type up my notes from each of the classes we attended and post them here, not only for my own sake but also to maybe help or encourage others.  Stay tuned!

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