Homeschool Convention 2 -- "The Lighter Side Of Education"

Saturday, 10:00 AM, "The Lighter Side Of Education -- How To Relax, Enjoy, And Laugh And Still Be A Parent-Educator" by Dr. Christopher Perrin, M. Div., Ph. D.  (You can visit his blog at www.InsideClassicaled.com but I haven't done that yet.)

This guy was a very well-educated, Christian philosopher....which led to interesting choices of words, some of them in Greek and Latin.  He almost lost me a time or 2!  But I love what he had to say.  He didn't have an outline or a 1-2-3-4 point system so below are his...

Key points:

*In scripture, we are called to joy so if there is no joy in your life, something is wrong!

*Our vision is what propels us forward.

*There are 2 sides of the mind -- the side that is "running to and fro", gathering information, doing research; and the side that is stopping, gazing, and soaking.  We need to exercise BOTH.  Things don't become permanent in our minds until we stop, gaze, and soak them in.

*All ideas have consequences.

*Beauty, goodness, and truth (I would add GOD'S beauty, goodness, and truth) need to be paramount in our lives.

*Teaching is helping them to see what they cannot see.

*In Latin, the word for school means "play" and in Greek, the word for school means "leisure".  (Sound like any public school you see today?!?!  Just my .02 worth....)

*What are you kids here for?  They're hear to be "celebratory image bearers" (referring to use being image bearers of God).

*Are there friendships in your family?  Do you take your children for one-on-one time?  Do LESS and pursue these moments!

*Model a love for learning.

*If you're not laughing, it's probably because you're not trusting in the goodness of God!  Are your children not in His hands?  Has He not promised you good things?  Has He not given you everything you need to take care of your kids (the key here is relying on His strength, His grace, His goodness, etc).

*Home education is a life of constant repentance of your anxiety and saying "Above all else, I'm going to love my husband and children".

*He mentioned TONS Of quotes and I apologize for not writing down where they came from and I also apologize that I'm probably not quoting them exactly.  "A man should take his mission but never himself seriously"..."Angels fly because they take themselves lightly"..."Carelessness in your seriousness is frivolity"

*Your children are not about YOU.  You are about your children.

*Practical tips:  take nature walks, read for enjoyment, be silly, join in the play of your kids, have lots of celebrations/celebratory dinners....  Practical tips from other h-schooling moms:  have your children draw cartoons of the history they're learning...have a "tea time" between the transitions in your days (between subjects, between school & whatever) -- this mom was suggesting a few minutes of quiet time to read a little bit of scripture (although she did really drink a cup of tea); she even got her teenage SONS involved!

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