Yesterday was our hearing test. The first test they did showed that his ear drums were not moving at all which means that there is too much fluid in there for them to work properly. The other test did indicate that his right ear can hear perfectly normal. However, there is mild to moderate hearing loss on his left side. The audiologist says that it is most likely related to the fluid in there and that the only way to know for sure is give it time to let the fluid clear up and then retest him. They suggested 6-8 weeks for the retest but we have to see the pediatrician first and discuss this first test results and talk about possibly putting him on a decongestant to help speed things up. According to the audiologist, if this is not related to the fluid, meaning he has permanent hearing loss, since he has one good ear, he'll be able to develop his speech and language normally but may need some help along the lines of a hearing aid in that ear as he gets older. She said most kids with one good ear don't usually need help until the start school and get into "noisy classrooms". I told her we homeschool and she said that we never know, we may not need anything extra to aid his hearing at all. That, of course, is all speculation until we know for sure what we're up against after the retest which I anticipate being mid-to-late March.

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