...is having surgery today at 3 PM in Knoxville, TN to remove his gall bladder. (He's my brother, in case you didn't know.) My parents called on Saturday so excited that they were able to buy a brand new vehicle which they really needed. Their monthly payments only went up a little bit and, with only 3 payments or so left on their current car, they were going to be able to keep it to drive around town and stuff. Well, on the way to Kevin's yesterday to be there for surgery, their brand-new car broke down! Can you believe that? Anyway, the dealer put them in a rental so they could get to Kevin's and are fixing what they believe is a defective alternator. But, still, of all the times....So, please pray for my family today as my parents will only be able to be there until Kevin is out of recovery and will have to drive back home to SC because my Mom has to work tomorrow. Pray for Kevin's safety and speedy recovery and for his family during this time -- his wife, Heather, and their 2 little girls -- Madisyn is 4 and Olivia is 2.


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