So, here we are -- there's a new Steven Curtis Chapman CD out, right? Checked his fall tour dates and he didn't come to Columbus so I anxiously awaited the release of the spring tour dates. That he wasn't coming in the fall was a good thing with me being pregnant so I was happy about that. First list of spring tour dates said he would be in Grove City on 3/7/08 and I was very excited about that. But, alas, the 3/7 tour date has been changed from Grove City to Cincinnati. I couldn't believe that he wouldn't stop in Columbus at some point on the tour and then I noticed that he was filling in for MercyMe for 2 stops on the Winter Jam tour. Only 2 dates that he needed to fill in for them and 1 of those dates just had to be the 1/25 stop of the Winter Jam tour in Columbus. Jonathan & I went to Winter Jam last year and I said we'd never go back -- we're WAY too old for that crowd -- a bunch of hormone-charged teenagers (that thoroughly enjoyed the fact that SCC brought his teenage sons' band with him as his back-up band)! Yes, there were other people our age there (and older) but for the majority of the concert, we felt like we stuck out like sore thumbs. In case you aren't familiar with what Winter Jam is, WJ is a night of multiple artists. Last year, SCC was 1 of the main attractions along with Jeremy Camp, who we also like. The good news is that the main events get the longest time on stage. The bad news is the main attractions are saved until the end. SCC didn't even come on stage until 10:00. We ended up leaving at 11-something and Jeremy Camp was only 2 songs into his set. Last year, there was also Sanctus Real which was okay for us. But then there was Hawk Nelson and the girls really went wild for that group. They were kinda what you'd call "punk rockers". Have you ever seen the animated movie Cars? Remember the "twin" cars that scream "We love you, Lightning" in the movie? There was a group of girls right behind us that kept yelling "We love you, Hawk Nelson" the entire 30-minutes they were on stage. Anyway, for this year, we definately like MercyMe and SCC, of course, but other than those 2 (the main attractions = the end of the night), there's only one other group we've heard of and that's Barlow Girl who we also like. There's a motorcycle stunt group going to be there and several groups we've never heard of, one group seriously looks like three 10-year-olds. So, here's our dilema -- grin and bear it through Winter Jam? No, I don't think I'm up for it even if SCC is going to be there. We could definatley go to the 3/7 show in Cincinnati but we'd need a baby-sitter ready to be here most of the night 'cause we probably wouldn't be back until after midnight with a 7:00 show. Any volunteers? =) (I'm only half kidding!)

Moving on, Kevin did okay during surgery and seems to be doing well. Mom & Dad made it home but the dealership still can't get their brand new car fixed. They've officially filed a complaint with Ford, asking for either their contract to be nullified or for a new vehicle. We'll see how that goes. Timothy went for his one month check-up on Monday and weighed 9 pounds, 8 ounces! The doctor even said we could take him out to church but with caution but by yesterday, he started showing signs of getting another cold. He's doing okay today but with the temperatures going to be so low this weekend and with the fact that John has a runny nose, too, I doubt we'll be going to church on Sunday. Right now, though, I'm just happy that he's not having the apnea spells he was having on Christmas Eve that landed him in the hospital. Timothy is scheduled to see the general surgeon on 2/12 for a consultation on his circumcision. With the bruising after birth and then the jaundice and then the RSV, the doctor has never felt comfortable doing that until now. Hopefully, he'll be well enough to get it done in February.


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Just catching up with what your family is up to. You bought some curriculum from me a while back.

texasmcvays said...

Oh, just my two cents on having a bunch of kids...keep going the Lord tells us we are suppose to make disciples. I see children as the fast lane to disciple making...lol!