New kitchen?

Well, almost. We're in the process of a small scale remodel in the kitchen. First up, a new table and benches/chairs? Why, you may ask? Well, for starters, our previous table only comfortably seated 4 but we managed to squeeze in the 6 of us. Second of all, ever since we've had that table, we've CONSTANTLY been tightening up the legs on the chairs. We reached our breaking point a few weeks ago when I tried to sit down in a chair -- with Timothy in my arms! -- and ended up on my back in the floor. Bruised my, uh, backside really good (and then I did another great job to that particular area by falling down 2 steps at a friend's house during a Sunday School fellowship). I'm still hurting a little bit and have to be careful not to just "plop down" onto a chair or the couch. Anyway, back to the new table. It's a foot longer and we went with benches for the sides instead of chairs, hopeful that we can eventually fit 3 kids on at least one side. (Old table beside the new one)

Also, ever since we moved into this house, we've fought the drawer pulls on the cabinets. If you were wearing pants with pockets, you could easily get caught on our old drawer pulls. Very frustrating. I wish I had taken a before picture, but I don't have one. You can see the new one, though. Those bronze-ish colored plates behind the pulls are the originals. They left too much of a mark on the cabinets for us to just replace the pulls and not leave the plates on.

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