Playing at the park

This is what you call a full house, folks! :)

Headed out for a little bit of play time today. Didn't stay very long because the wind was making it really cold out. Not looking forward to tomorrow's high in the teens! :(


Heather said...

What a crew!

Crystal said...

I saw your post on momys, about stopping once you have an "ugly one", child that is.You have a nice looking family.(Not an ugly one in the bunch.) My thought is that you probably never will.I am a momys too, I have 6, 4 sons and 2 daughters. Come to think of it, I don't think I have an ugly one in my bunch either! Maybe that is b/c we are biased.

I loved your story about SCC.I am also a fan. Probably more of a fan of the older days. I don't listen to the radio much, since all of the new artist are a little more nosier than I am use to. I am Contemporary Christian Music fan of the old school. I have seen Michael W. Smith and Ray Boltz in concert yrs ago, plus a several smaller acts. My favorite song of SCC is "Finger Prints of God".

If you have time, come visit my blog sometime. Nice to meet you. Blessings, Crystal momys in Alaska.