Not my Caleb

(You must indulge me!) :)

Caleb Chapman (Steven Curtis Chapman's son), 18 years old, has just released his first CD. I'm looking forward to picking up my copy at the Cincinnati concert (yes, we DID have some very special people volunteer to baby-sit so Jonathan & I can go and I'm VERY excited! -- I'm the current high bidder on a pair of front row seats and backstage passes!!). For now, you can go to www.CalebChapman.com to hear the 5 songs. Really, Caleb is quite talented. He and his brother are in their Dad's back-up band for this tour that we're going to see.

While I'm on the subject of Caleb, I must tell you the story behind naming our Caleb. While I was pregnant with him, I found several SCC videos on VHS on clearance for about $1 a piece. One day while I was cleaning, I popped in "The Live Adventure". After I was done cracking up at the early 90's hair and clothes, I heard Steven tell the story about his 2 boys who were toddlers at the time. The story goes that one day, they heard a "serious" cry from out back. When they went to go investigate, they discovered Will Franklin, Caleb's younger brother, with a big knot on his forehead. They asked Caleb what happened to Will and Caleb replied, in the typical toddler way, "I don't know, Dad. He just started crying.". Well, the problem was that Caleb was not doing a very good job hiding the baseball bat behind his back and, Steven jokes, Will had "Louisville Slugger" written across his forehead. I thought that was a very cute story. So, yes, Caleb's name came from the Chapman's (I won Jonathan over when I reminded him of the story of Joshua and Caleb and the other spies in the OT -- that's why Caleb's middle name is Joshua -- and in all sincerity, we pray that Caleb grows up to have as much faith as those 2 men had!!). And I'm sure most of you will get a laugh out of this story -- when Caleb was just shy of 2 months old, SCC came to a local Wal-Mart to do an autograph signing. I almost didn't go (honest!). But, we did go and I had Nathan sitting in a shopping cart and Caleb in his car seat in the basket part of the shopping cart. When I walked up to SCC to get my CD signed, he asked me who the "cutie" was in the cart. I said "This is Caleb" and something about him being just a few weeks old and Steven replied "I have a Caleb!" very excitedly and the only thing I could think to say back was "I know". His expression after that comment is forever engraved in my mind. Kinda like "Okay, lady, you're a freak!". Yep, that's me -- I'm a goober!! Here's some pictures ('cause I KNOW you were just hoping I had some, weren't ya?!?). The bottom one is great, don't ya think? I had that one printed off (only a 4x6) and framed! It sits beside the autographed CD and an 8x10 copy of the very bottom picture which is Jonathan and me with SCC backstage at his Christmas concert, 2005 (which is also the picture that appears on the left side of our screen).

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