A foot of snow on the ground, what's one to do?

Why, go stand in line for 2 hours at your local Sam's Club for the chance to get 1 of only 32 Wii's going on sale at midnight, of course! :) Yep, folks, you read that right -- my dear, dear, hubby has been standing out in the cold since about 10:15 at Sam's Club. Tomorrow, they're apparently releasing some new game (Smash Bros., I think) and so Sam's is opening from midnight to 2 AM tonight to sale the game and a minimum of 20 Wii's at each store. Jonathan's Mom works at Sam's so we knew exactly how many they had and how it was going to go down. (No special privileges, though!) Just talked to him a few minutes ago and he said they were going to hand out tickets at 11:30 before the doors open at 12. He said there's about a dozen or so more there with him but he was one of the first ones there (if not the first one). He's been there since about 8:30, hanging out in his car until after 10, when others started to show up. Oh, the things we do for our children!!!! (And for ourselves -- those darn Wii's are sure a blast to play!!) :)

Hoping I have good news to post in the a.m. about our new purchase! In the meantime, ya'll don't forget to set those clocks forward. Which, if you're like us and snowed in with no church tomorrow, you can sleep in (did my kids get the sleeping in memo? probably not!).


Anonymous said...

So was Jonathan successful? Come on, don't leave us hanging!

Anonymous said...

must be playing..doesn't have time to blog

Stevens Clan said...

Yep, that's us -- too busy to blog!! :)