Pump it up!

Nifty little place we found on the northwest side of Columbus, around Marysville. Our homeschool co-op took a field trip there. Big room full of inflatable play things (like a giant slide, an obstacle course, and a jumpy!). The kids had a BLAST (but very expensive so who knows when we'll be going back?). John was a little scared of just about everything but the toys they had! (He did go down the 20' slide, though -- with his Mommy -- but that's a picture that WON'T be posted!)

Caleb eventually got with the program (him getting off the smaller slide at the end of the obstacle course) but the only way he'd go down the giant slide was with our friend, Fionna. Elizabeth was our little dare devil but I just didn't get any good shots of her 'cause she kept moving!!
The obstacle course
The giant 20' slide
The jumpy

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