(my hands are bothering me so pardon the abbreviations!)

The airway fluoroscopy went very well on Friday. The doctor looking at the computer images said he did not see any evidence of T's airway collapsing but did see a slight collapse in his larynx. Something, he said, T would not only outgrow but could very well cause his "snurgling" sound alongside the acid reflux. But, he did say that they would print the x-rays off and look at them again just to be sure. I haven't heard anything today so I'm hoping no news is good news. The best news, though, came about 9 this morning. I had called on Friday and left a message with the general surgeon about cancelling T's circumcision since we did not want to have him under general anesthesia twice within 9 days. (Side note: We had not yet cancelled that surgery even though we had been given an appt for 5/5 with a urologist who might have considered doing the circ with a local anesthetic. We really didn't want to put that off any more and had decided that, if he was well enough for the surgeon to do it on 4/25, then we would let them go ahead. If he wasn't, then we still had the appt on 5/5 with urology and would go from there.) The scheduling secretary for the surgeon called today and, long story short, said that if we would change his ear surgery to Friday, 4/25, both drs would work together and do both the tube surgery and the circ on the same day! We really feel like this is an answer to prayer -- we don't have to worry about putting the circ off any longer and we don't have to worry about general anesthesia two times.

In other news, N went to the eye dr today. He got glasses for the first time in December '06 and when I called to schedule a new check-up right after T was born, the dr that saw him the first time no longer took our insurance. So, I called this new dr and the earliest they could see him was today. It doesn't seem like 3 months have passed....Anyway, there was a pretty big increase in his prescription and he'll have to wear his glasses all the time now. But, I kinda felt that one coming. I was about his age when I started wearing glasses full-time (although I don't remember a time when I just wore mine while doing school work). He's excited about his new glasses and about getting them before Mamaw Faye comes for a visit in April. She was originally thinking of coming on the 19th but is trying to work it out to be here for T's surgery day. We'll be glad for the visit, of course, but glad for the help, too! I just hate leaving the kids with a sitter all the time so I can take T to all his dr's appts. It'll be nice for them to have Mamaw here for a change. Not that we're not thankful for Ms. Candace who's helped us out a lot lately. Ms. C was here Thurs, Fri, and today helping with the kids! We're very thankful for friends who love us and don't mind pitching in! Thank you!

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