Baby on the way!!

(ha ha -- made you look!) Okay, so it's not my baby on the way....

Although we don't know them personally, I've been struck by this family since the first time we saw them on tv. I'll never forget Jonathan and I flipping the channels one night (after John was born, I believe) and saw the beginning of a special called "14 Children and Pregnant Again". My jaw dropped. The tv special was phenomenal but left me cringing. I don't personally have a "goal" as to how many children I'd like to have but I don't hope for more than 6 (and I'd like a few years before/if we get that one), much less any double digits! HOWEVER, I must say -- as the Duggar family believes -- God is sovereign and children truly are a blessing. If it's His will for us to be a so-called "mega" family, than that's up to Him. He'll have to (as I'm sure He will) bring more and more grace with each one 'cause some days, my grace to the kids and Jonathan is in short supply. But, that's not the point of this post. I just saw the Duggar family on the Today show where they just announced to their children (and to nat'l tv obviously) that #18 is on the way. We've watched all the tv specials that we can find about them, from the "14 Children" one to "Raising 16 Kids" and "On The Road With 16 Children" (can you imagine that family vacation?!?!) and each time, I'm amazed at her calm presence, at how respectfully and gracefully she speaks to her children and husband, and how every one of those kids are soooooo well behaved (yes, they homeschool). I'd be doing good to be half the woman/wife/mom she is! So, a hearty congratulations to the Duggar family and their 18th blessing! Looking forward to the new tv series on Discovery Health Channel this fall! If you get the DHC on cable, you might want to check out the rerun of "On The Road..." tonight, I believe at 8 or 9.

Oh, and did I mention all their children's names begin with a J? I can't imagine....I already call my kids by the wrong name and none of their names even rhyme, much less start with the same letter!

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Sarah said...

HAHA - you did make me look!

I watched part of the Duggar's road trip on TLC on night! Their family amazed me! What an amazing example of trust in God.

I truly believe that as Christians, the Lord will not bless us with the gift of a child if He does not intend to provide for it... so whether you have 1, 5, or 18... the Lord is sufficient!!!!