Timothy's surgery update

Surgery was today at 1. I was so scared and worried about going a whole morning without feeding him but the Lord answered my prayer and the morning went very smoothly. His circumcision went well, no complications. Pray for healing. His tube surgery also went well. The dr said his left ear was so full of fluid that it was bulging and his right ear also had a little fluid and some scarring as a result of infection(s). This should help, if not correct, his hearing but we will have to have him tested in the near future. His airway was what we expected -- areas of calcifcation which is causing the growth of his airway to be slower than normal which means a narrower airway than normal. This is something we will have to follow very carefully as he grows. He will have to have a bronchoscopy "surgery" each time they check him. Pray that his breathing returns to normal as much as possible so that we can take him home tomorrow. The dr said it's a good possibility that his airway will swell too much and he'll be here another night. We'll send updates as we get them!

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The Mrs. said...

Yay Timothy! Thanks for being extra good for Mommy and Daddy today. Get Better real soon!