Her birthday was Sunday. She's 4 years old now. Mom & I took her to get her ear's pierced for her birthday on Saturday which is what she said she wanted. She did very well up until the poked the earrings in and then she cried. But, as soon as they brought out the suckers, all tears went away! She's doing very well with them. I was so afraid she'd pull them out but she hasn't and doesn't even really mess with them. And she stands still while I clean and turn them. So, I don't think it could have went much better! Now if we could just get her potty trained....

Elizabeth at birth (I wore that dress as a baby, too!)

Elizabeth at 1 year Elizabeth at 2 Elizabeth at 3

Elizabeth a few weeks ago (that was my dress when I was a little girl, too!)

I'll post ear piercing pictues as soon as I can figure out what's going on with my camera....

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

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