We're home

God is faithful! Timothy had a pretty good evening. He finally started coming out of anesthesia around 7 and they gave him Pedialyte to see how he would do. He's barely had juice (only since Thursday night!) and didn't take to that too well but he wolfed down the Pedialyte. We gave him an hour's break and he then polished off 8 ounces of formula without a hitch! He was pretty fussy, though, but seemed to do a lot better once we got some Tylenol in him. He slept until midnight and then took another 8 ounces. Slept mostly peacefully until 7 this morning. He was so much like his normal, happy self this morning! His breathing is great (we think he even sounds a little better, if that's possible) and he doesn't seem as bothered by the circ today as he was yesterday. They discharged us around 8:30 this morning and I didn't even have to beg. :) I was a little concerned because his blood pressure was high overnight a few times but they didn't even mention it. I have to call for follow-up appointments with both dr's in 3-6 weeks. According the the dr last night, depending on the results of his CAT scan, he'll repeat the bronchoscopy in 4 to 6 months. According to the intern this morning, the CAT scan didn't show anything we didn't already know -- GREAT news! Praise be to God! A few prayer requests -- pray for the circ to continue healing, pray that he doesn't spike any fevers (he's susceptible to pneumonia after the breathing tube and to an infection on the circ site), and pray that things go well with the monitor. The ENT wants to put him on a monitor for his breathing when he sleeps which I am not looking forward to. #1, I hate to be that paranoid when he seems completely fine and has no apnea spells since the RSV; #2, the monitor I think he's referring to could wake the dead when it goes off and I'm concerned about how I'm going to keep 4 sleeping kids asleep if it goes off; and #3, we don't feel comfortable leaving him in a room with John in case it goes off so that means Jonathan & I will have a new roommate (and we're not too thrilled about that!). They were unable to get a monitor on a weekend so he's not on one now and I'm quite frankly hoping he forgets to put the order in! :) So maybe you should pray for my attitude(j/k....I'll follow the dr's requests as best as possible, even if it is with gritted teeeth!) Now if I can get some rest....

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