Just in case....

....the new pink blog didn't tip you off or you don't keep up with us on Facebook....Yes, we're having a




Her first picture
Everything looked great! She's the perfect size and weight for her age, right on target for a 3/31/09 due date. Wouldn't it be funny if she's born on St Patrick's Day and ends up being our only red head? (Come on, a lady can dream, can't she?!?!) Tossing around some names but no hints. It's been difficult enough since having Elizabeth. We used our favorite names for the first 3! I didn't think we'd ever name Timothy. I don't think it'll be that difficult this time, though, 'cause we haven't used that many girl names! :)


Sarah said...

I'm so excited!!!!! Wahoo for baby girls!!!! The church nursery could really use 'em!

bauerpower said...

wow, talk about "maybe" getting around to posting it today!

the nursery may need a break from the multitude of boys, but aren't they just the best bunch of boys?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on another girl - YAY, a sister for Elizabeth! And the new look of your blog is so pretty!
Here are some great girl names for you to consider:
Paulita, Garyanna, or everyone's favorite (it seems) Paula Mae (I changed the spelling to make it more middle-namish)