Urgent Care

One of the moments every parent dreads....a trip to the urgent care. Timothy's had a sinus infection although was much better and was breathing normally. Started breathing his loud got-a-cold kinda breathing over the weekend again. Tonight, he sounded just awful and then we heard it....wheezing. LOUD, old-man-wheezing. We were even rushed straight back to a room when we got to the urgent care. Thankfully, this isn't in his lungs, per se. He's having no trouble breathing, oxygen saturation at 100%. After 2 -- yes, TWO -- albuterol treatments, he's still wheezing but it is a little better. He's resting comfortably now. He'll have to be taken in to the pediatrician first thing tomorrow morning for evaluation. The urgent care dr gave us a prescription for a steroid. We wouldn't have started him on it at night anyway (we've seen the nasty side effects of steroids in Jonathan -- a grown man -- so we're scared at what might happen to such a little guy) so we've decided to wait until I can talk at length to our pediatrician to make sure it's necessary. With the RSV he had last winter and the airway issue he already has, it looks like we're in for a bumpy winter. He just doesn't have the resources a typical 1-year-old would have and that's not good. And, with a dad with asthma, he could have asthma which would just compound the problem. Asthma is a 3-strikes-you're-out deal and the RSV counts as strike 1, tonight as strike 2. You don't get an asthma diagnosis from just one wheezing episode. Oh, how I'd like to never have to go through this again! Especially this winter -- #1, he's still so little and #2, I'm in the middle of a high-risk pregnancy. Thankfully, my baby wasn't turning blue or gasping for air. Jonathan's parents have seen those a number of times with him when he was little....I can't imagine. Let's just pray this doesn't get into his lungs and get serious, okay?

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gbmom2407 said...

Hello from MOMYS land. I wanted to tell you that we have had breathing issues at our house too. One of our children was given the steroid treatment (after three days of nothing else working) and he sat on the room floor in the peds unit and screamed bloody murder all night long. Although it did help, it was still a really long night. After speaking to a girlfriend of mine who has had the treatment before she said it feels like your skin is on fire. I think it is smart move you decided to wait. Hope he is feeling better..
Also, I read MckMamas blog too. Isn't God's hand mighty!
Happy day!