"Not Me" Monday

Saw this and thought it was funny. The idea is to post things on Mondays that you "never" do (which is, obviously, not true). Let's give it a try....

Nathan is not still in his pj's at 11:30 in the morning. Nope. Never happens. My children are always dressed by 9 AM. And John's never been in his nighttime diaper at this time of the day either. I always change him promptly when he wakes up.

Elizabeth is not sitting in Timothy's baby seat while said seat is sitting on the couch. That would be too dangerous, right? Besides, my older kids never play with baby toys. Especially Nathan.

I did not have to banish Nathan to his bed to do school work because he was too distracted by "The Wonder Pets" on t.v. He never watches kiddie shows like that.

I am not currently having to tell Elizabeth not to eat Timothy's baby food. She would never do that.

I am not so tired I could fall asleep sitting up at this hour of the morning. That never happens. I'm always full of energy and always so polite to the kids. And I never have to walk over dirty floors or block off the kitchen to keep Timothy off the nasty kitchen floor. I always clean them well enough you could eat off them.

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bauerpower said...

and you never forget to turn off your car lights (when you have run a quick errand and not taken any coats or baby food or diaper bag on a snowy COLD day) so that the battery doesn't die and cause you to have to sit in your van for an hour with a crying hungry baby and 4 restless (and somewhat hungry) kids while praying somebody will actually stick around long enough to rescue you. that would just be to frightening to even think about!