3 blog posts in 1 day?!?!

Aren't you lucky?!?! :) Actually, this is more of an FYI than anything. As many of you know, Timothy is being followed for his "noisy breathing" by an ENT specialist. After a bronchoscopy in October, they wanted to repeat it in February just to keep an eye on things to make sure his airway is growing appropriately. As of today, Timothy has an appt with the ENT on 1/30 and is tenatively scheduled for another bronchoscopy for Monday, 2/9. Of course seeing the ENT could change things but that's the plan for now. I didn't want to wait until that 1/30 appt to schedule his next bronch b/c I knew they scheduled as much as 6 weeks out and that would be mid-March and we all know that's a bad, bad time for him to be in the hospital! So there you go....

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