It's official

The Stevens Clan is pleased to announce that our soon-to-be baby girl has a name! I'm anal like that and have to have a name picked out so that I can call the baby by its name instead of "he" ."she" or worse -- "it". Chances of changing our mind? Pretty slim -- we don't usually do that. Apologies to Jonathan's family -- we know you don't like the name but this is our pick. My husband, clever as he is, picked this name because he says Elizabeth and John's names "go together" in the Bible -- Elizabeth being the mother of John the Baptist. Lydia "goes together with" Timothy's name (Timothy Paul) because Lydia in the Bible is a convert of Paul and Timothy -- see Acts 16. So from here forward, Little Miss' name shall be

The Stevens Clan....Jonathan, Karen, Nathan, Caleb, Elizabeth, John, Timothy, and Lydia :)


Nan said...


I like the name! I put my vote in, but this is a great name. Darby actually considered Lydia when they were expecting Sydney.

Glad to hear the updates are pretty good with both you and the baby.
Sorry to hear about Nathan's past illness. Take care!

Love to all, Nan

Gary said...

Love the name, and are curious about Caris as the middle name. How did that come about. It's unique and pretty.

Gary and Paula