Happy birthday, Justin!

It was a Saturday last year....We were getting ready to be discharged with Timothy after a rough couple of days since delivery. Timothy had failed hearing tests, I had barely tried but already given up nursing, Timothy had mysterious bruising that prompted tons of tests that revealed nothing, and he was starting to get real jaundiced. Anyway, as we were preparing to leave, I got a phone call. As I was giving Candace an update on Timothy -- and she sounded completely normal, by the way -- I was telling her about the jaundice and she said something like she thought her baby would have jaundice, too. Took me a minute but then I got it. "What baby?!?" I asked. And then she filled me in. Sometime during the wee hours of the morning, she had given birth to a tiny little guy -- ALONE, I might add! (Matt was in the bathroom, midwives were on their way) I totally thought she was bluffing! It was pretty neat to have gone through pregnancies together (she had come over to do something, what I can't remember, the day after we had gotten back from visiting the beach in May and when I told her I had gotten a positive pregnancy test that morning, she told me she thought she was pregnant, too....kinda weird, but that's just the way it worked out) and then to have had these 2 little guys at the same time. So a very special "Happy First Birthday" to our buddy, Justin!
Timothy (L) and Justin (R) in March
Justin (L) and Timothy (R) in May, matching outfits!

Timothy (L) and Justin (R) in October at a baby shower


Heather said...

Happy Birthday, Timothy and Justin! They are both cuties!

bauerpower said...

thanks for such a thoughtful b-day remembrance! it was great to read as i am winding down from a busy busy day. the pics are fantastic! i'm glad you keep up w/them better than i do. i want to wish Timothy a belated happy birthday since my mind hasn't been focusing so great lately. people are really going to think were up to something if you and i keep getting pregnant at the same time. at least this should be the last time this happens...i say SHOULD be because only God really knows.....