21 weeks, 3 days

GREAT report at the doctor's office today. My blood pressure was great, my blood sugars are under control by diet alone, I've only gained a total of 3 pounds for the pregnancy (lost 2 1/2 between weeks 9 and 12, gained 3 1/2 between weeks 12 and 16, and have gained only 2 pounds since week 16). Also, they're doing a special kind of scan (for the men that read the blog, I'll spare the exact details). The're hopeful that these scans will show any potential for preterm labor. No change between today's scan and the last one which is an excellent sign. If there's no change at the next scan, they might space them out more than every other week. That would be an answer to prayer for more than one reason! I return on 9/12 for another level 2 ultrasound to check the brain and heart (they just didn't get a good picture of the heart at the last ultrasound because he was squirming around a lot).

Please continue to pray -- pray the this cyst on the brain will go away and/or not be a sign of Trisomy 18, if it be God's will, and pray that we can keep my appointments spread out of as far as is safely possible to reduce the stress on our gas budget and our sitter(s).

Praising God for the good report today and for continuing to take care of this pregnancy and our unborn son. We still haven't decided for sure on a name -- the 3 favs right now are Timothy Paul, Silas Paul, or Paul Timothy.

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Anonymous said...

Karen, I'm so glad things are going well right now with your pregnancy. We have about 5 weeks to go until Abigale makes her arrival!