Teddy Bear Day at the zoo

You can see him the best in the bottom picture. Nathan has a stuffed animal he calls Bunny Dog. We're not sure what it is exactly -- we thought it was a bunny but then it kinda looked like a dog, thus the name. I bought it, however, for a little girl I was baby-sitting at the time. Rebecca never got to get it -- Nathan claimed it (he was probably 2 or 3 at the time). Teddy Bear Day at the zoo is when you bring in your teddy bears (or Bunny Dogs!) and have them get their "check-ups" from the doctors at Children's Hospital. Nathan was so excited. Bunny Dog even had surgery (2nd pic) and went to the recovery room (3rd). Best part -- this was one of the things we got to do with Mamaw Faye while she was here. She also treated us to Chuck E Cheese although we failed at getting any pictures that night.

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