Hi ya'll!

We're moving in! We were blogging on a different blog site -- you can catch up there at www.HomeSchoolBlogger.com/StevensFamily. After seeing many of our friends' blogs on this site, I decided we needed to change homes for our blog.

Lots going on this summer in the Stevens' household. Right now, my parents are visiting. My Mom flew in last Tuesday and my Dad got here yesterday. They're leaving on Thursday. My Mom go to be here when we found out that we're expecting our 4th son (we've got 1 daughter). That was the first ultrasound she's been to since I was pregnant with our oldest who just turned 8. I know she enjoyed it. We still haven't picked out a name yet. We're just beginning soccer season for our 2 oldest...we're getting ready to start school in 2 weeks...we're putting on a Medieval Feast to kick off the school year on 9/1...pretty much, we're just busy, busy, busy but we're enjoying it (most days)!

If you're out there or are finding us from our old blog, please drop a comment and let us know! It's really nice to know there's someone out there "listening"!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to suggest that you name your fourth son Paul Gary. It just has a nice ring. And at least one of the names is Biblical!

-M said...

I love the family picture at the top, it really captures you all very well.

Karen--I got to speak to your parents after Bible study Wednesday night. I was fueling their fire about how cute their grandkids are!