Praise report for Bauer family/Update on Timothy

Candace's blood pressure is all cured!! =) Seriously -- she was doing very well but I guess she felt a little left out and decided to have a baby! Justin was welcomed into the world this morning around 3 weighing 5 pounds, 10 ounces. Congratulations to the Bauer family!

Timothy and I are home. It's been a very rough couple of days, mentally/emotionally more than physically. I'm feeling okay -- a little "worse" (for lack of a better word) than after my other deliveries but they say it gets harder after having a few. And I'm by no means laid up -- I feel pretty good, just not great, not like I'm used to feeling after a delivery. Timothy is suffering from some issues from being early. He has a kind of tremors (NOT seizures and certainly not serious) from being premature. They'll go away as he gets older. He also has a few bruises and seeing as how he didn't have a "traumatic" birth, the doctors got a little panicky (sp?) over that and ran tests which was extremely nerve-wracking. One test isn't completely done yet but the others are all normal which is a good sign and our pediatrician fully expects the bruises to go away by the time he sees him again next week. Because he's bruised and we're not sure why, they did not circumcise him in the hospital so we'll have to have that done as an outpatient. Our pediatrician said we had to wait until the bruises were completely gone and all tests were back. Then, our car seat "failed" a test (they test preemies to make sure they fit in their car seats without breathing issues) because it's too old so we ended up having to get a new one from the hospital. His bilirubin level is high today. That's what they check for in the blood that tells them whether or not a baby is getting jaundice. We're waiting on the home nurse to stop by and give us a special blanket to keep him in to help with that and he'll have to have several blood tests over the next few days to monitor him progress. We're also anxiously awaiting an appointment with an audiologist. They believe Timothy has a fluid build up in his ears (common for preemies, they say) because he failed his hearing test. No guarantees that fluid is all that it is but they kept telling me to not worry about it, that these things happen and usually work themselves out. Combine all that with a lack of sleep (hate those hospital beds!) and emotionally, I'm feeling pretty spent. Oh, and Jonathan's great-aunt Patty passed away on Friday. After the home nurse leaves, we're going to go visit with some family from Indiana who we rarely get to see that are here for the funeral. Still, we have a lot to be thankful for -- we made it farther with Timothy than we did with John, Timothy was not too small and not too big so I was able to deliver without any complications, and we made it to the hospital! I was seriously terrified of not making it to the hospital in time so I'm very thankful for that!! And, Timothy came the day in between the 2 snows!! Wednesday was certainly worse than yesterday so we're thankful he came on Thursday! Nice timing, huh? =)

Many thanks to all who have been praying for us and we ask you to continue as we go through these next couple of weeks adjusting and having more tests ran. Hopefully, we'll have all good news by Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Hello from a fellow MOMYS. Your little guy sure is sweet. A site you may find helpful is this: http://melissawiley.typepad.com/bonnyglen/2007/07/newborn-hearing.html

She does have a hard of hearing/deaf child and her advice on newborn hearing tests is very informative.

Stephanie in AR

Anonymous said...

Babies are born perfect. Thanks to Jesus, life is a bit kinder and gentler.


Peace and love,